About PureMind
PureMind is an advising company that think, devise, develop, produce and manage.

Each project is managed by project teams formed by the arrival of competent independent and international experts under the leadership of Doruktan Türker, who has more than 20 years of experience in the consultancy, technology and media sectors.

To Think
Thinking is a conscious and active act. You manage only a cognitive process by thinking, establishing new connections, and making meaning. We are putting ‘thinking’ on the center of PureMind. We start and finish each day thinking.

To Devise
For us, devising means to plan or invent a new way of doing something. We merge known with the unthought. Before we leave, we look at what kind of climate we are going to go to, we make all the road preparations accordingly.

To Develope
We evolve ideas, products, methods and solutions we think and design to the best with new experiences, information and knowledge gained along the way. We know that development is endless and we manage stronger and more enlightened projects every day.

To Produce
We turn ideas that mature on paper into living organisms. We are thrilled to be able to place the products/services to right habitat in the healthiest way possible and ensure that they are sprinkled in a healthy manner in this ecosystem.

To Manage
Managing all these steps without disorientation, with the right task and power distribution, makes the right maneuvers possible by recognizing potential risks, threats and opportunities in a timely manner. In order to achieve this, we prefer a methodology with a soft, developmental, boundless, and matrix structure as a management concept.