Investor Relations Advisory Services
Many start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, at any point in the growth process, are in need of a money injection to their companies in order to realize the steps they have dreamed of for their business and to build a healthier structure. For many companies, all the difficulties start here.
On the one hand fighting in daily intensity, on the other hand preparing to present the business/project/product to the investor is almost becoming an unbearable knot. PureMind comes in at this exact point.

What is PureMind doing?
– Listening to you.
– Determine what type of investment you need.
– Build the investor preparation strategy.
– Accompany for the preparation of all necessary documentation such as business plan, market research, competition analysis and in-house organization.
– Direct the project to domestic or international accurate investor or investor networks.
– Setting up investor links.
– Participate in investor presentations and negotiations when necessary.
– Incorporate and coordinate other partners that may be needed in the process.
– Moves start-ups and SMEs especially in the EMEA region to Europe’s leading investor networks, particularly in the UK.