Market Entry & Market Development Strategies
You need help when your company becomes too big to its shell or if you believe it is time to sail to new horizons. Entering a new market, understanding the needs, finding the right business partners, and building a healthy structure turn out to be a much more complex job than you see on paper.

You feel like you are young David who is against Goliath. On the one hand you are afraid of this giant, on the other hand you know that you will be able to beat it with courage, strategy and the right tools. PureMind is your business partner to foster your courage, develop your strategy and ensure you have the right tools in the market development process.
In what areas do we serve?
– Mainly Turkey, UK, Eastern Europe and Middle East.
Which sectors do we serve?
– Especially technology (B2B, B2C), internet, mobile, electronic, content, media, and any other sector who needs development of products and services.
What are we doing?
– We’re listening to you.
– We understand and recognize your product and / or service.
– We are doing research for the target market.
– If you do not have a specific market you are targeting, we are doing the appropriate market research.
– We are analyzing the risk / advantage of the target market.
– We create the market entry strategy.
– We are finding the right business partners in the target market.
– We support healthy growth with periodic surveys and target updates after the entrance of the market.